Agile QA Engineer / Manual Tester

Agile QA Engineer / Manual Tester

How dedicated will you be at Parkos?

Dedication – that’s what binds us at Parkos. Every single person working here does all they
can to provide safe and affordable parking near airports for our customers. We currently
operate over 1,000 parking sites in 15 countries - and counting. There’s even a location on
tiny Reunion island in the Indian Ocean. Talk about dedication! Parkos customers visit our
website, search, compare and book a parking space. It’s as simple as it sounds – at least,
for customers.

We’re asking for a lot

For us, however, it’s anything but simple… Developing and maintaining a successful online
comparison platform. Managing unlimited growth. Optimising ROI on IT systems and development
resources. And offering customers the ultimate parking experience as a hassle-free start to their trip.
That requires a lot. Dedication, but above all skills, experience and personality. You'll definitely be
needing those as our new Agile QA Engineer / Manual Tester.

So, what’s it like to be working at Parkos?

Here we go! Building and refining test scenarios is your holy grail. Testers are integral to the
refinement and delivery phase of tickets. Your job is to understand a change or feature from start to
finish and translate this into practical test scripts and scenarios. You’ll need to ask critical questions
and communicate clearly! In the event of defect registration, it is crucial to accurately describe your
findings. You’ll also act as developers' trusted support. You coach, communicate and work closely
together throughout the development process. As a quality gatekeeper, you are clear and decisive
with regard to can and cannot be accepted. As an extension of the product owner, you also act as
quality gatekeeper during release and delivery. For this purpose, you offer honest and substantiated
opinions on the blocking of defects.

Still interested?

Great, let's take a closer look at the skills we require from you. As an Agile QA Engineer / Manual
Tester, you will gain valuable end-to-end knowledge about Parkos and know how to share this and
explain it to colleagues. You have experience writing test cases and are capable of conducting
stakeholder interviews. You’ll also need these skills:
 Fluency in English - spoken and written
 Experience with refining requirements
 Experience working in an Agile environment, side by side with developers
 Understanding of Browser console, Postman (or similar) and SQL

Expect this. And more.

You can find a job anywhere, but at Parkos you truly get to grow - personally and professionally. Your
thinking, decisions and experience will help shape Parkos, and you’ll be working with international and external development teams. You’ll be working from < our offices in Groningen, Amsterdam and / or remotely>; 32 to 40 hours a week. We ask dedication, in return we offer you a competitive salary, travel allowance, attractive pension accrual and up to 25 days' holiday per year (based on a
40-hour working week). Equally important: you can count on feedback, autonomy and the
opportunity to take responsibility for how you do your job. We offer you ownership of possible
change processes. We provide coaching and training that enables you to become an ever-improving,
professional version of yourself.

What else could you want?

Working for a fast-growing, award-winning e-commerce company with a proven concept?
Transparency and a scale-up mentality? Team spirit? Sounds good! Every Monday, we hold a
company stand-up, during which teams share what they will be doing and what they've done during
the previous week. We celebrate successes together, share knowledge and have a good time. There
are regular company drinks and we go on fun trips. Most recently to Hamburg.

It’s up to you now!

Ready for a new journey? Get your CV and fill in the form via the application button. Would you like
to know more about this position first? Send an e-mail to Ruben Stellingwerf, Corporate Recruiter.

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